1. Robert Schuetz

    Here comes the BOOM! Your assertion is 100% correct! When I am asked why we are going 1:1with iPads, my response has little to do with the sexy, shiny device, and more to do with the power that transformative, connected learning promises to learners. What I love about this line of questioning is the assumption that the technology will drive the changes in classroom, but I am thinking along the lines of Will Richardson in that we need to “re-conceptualize” the terms school and classroom. In the words of “Kid President”, it’s time to get our learn on! And he means everyone, not just the young.

  2. James

    Hi George, I just forwarded this post on to my school’s two principals. Brilliant! Goes hand in hand with with your “New Staff Experience” post too.

    BTW.. did you get to the Avett Brothers in the summer? They were brilliant at the folk fest in Winnipeg.

  3. Tim

    Yes, it can’t be school plus technology, as technology does disrupt and change everything. But does technology improve learning? Is it developmentally appropriate for all students? If it does improve learning is this improvement measured in the same way learning without technology is measured? A recent study at McGill suggests a 17% decline in the students marks if technology is used to take notes during lectures.

    To quote Postman,

    “The purpose of Media Ecology is to tell stories
    about the consequences of technology; to tell how media environments may
    change the contexts of the way we think or organize our social life, or
    make us better or worse, or smarter or dumber, or freer or more

    If we are open to the idea that using computers may make us “smarter or dumber” then this whole new experience may not be all that we hope it to be.

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