1. Debbie Axiak

    He wasn’t exaggerating and FYI, I ordered the book yesterday and have connected with @jamienotter. I’ll let you both know my thoughts on it 🙂

  2. Jonathan So

    I would have to second that. It was by far the best presentation that I have ever witnessed ad been a part of. O creative, engaging and though provoking. When I said that I wish my presentations where half as good, I really mean it. Truly, great job.

  3. Well it turns out yesterday I installed the software Mention (mention.net), because my google alerts weren’t working, and I stumbled across a tweet that linked to the Humanize site and said something like “Here’s the book George referenced.” I saw the hashtag and scrolled through the DOZENS of ridiculously positive tweets about your keynote (hence my description) and saw that you had mentioned the book.

    The world is indeed a very small place. And as this story illustrates, it’s not just people connecting to people (though that’s obviously key). It’s connecting AND learning. That’s one of the key reasons that the social internet revolution is not just big–it’s a transition in the once-in-a-generation sense. The acceleration of our learning is going to open up new possibilities. I’m sure you guys are seeing this in the education field. I think it’s quite transformative in the field of organizations.

    If you make it to the Washington, DC area, please reach out so we can get together in person. I could use some tips on keynote speeches at the very least!!

    • George

      That would be really awesome…I am in the process of writing a book and I would love to throw some of my ideas off of you as well. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Harpreet Hassanwalia

    I have to say I agree with Jonathan So. You delivered an AMAZING and INSPIRING keynote speech. The reason? You said it yourself – it is about connection, and you connected in a real way, sharing your life with your parents and your dog with us. You don’t need technology for that, just insight into human nature. You have that in spades!

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