1. Kelly Wiseman

    Some lead, some follow, some get out of the way. Doubt isn’t a bad thing, but ones intention and attention certainly manifests change.
    Good? Everyone has weakness and strength.

  2. Rom Crespo

    Definitely important for the Administrative Team to be involved. I have also seen that type of leading and it just transferred to the entire staff. Another one is coaches, who generally sit in the back of the room/auditorium and forget they are a teacher first and coach second. I am an old coach and hated to see my fellow coaches act that way so I lead by example.

  3. Allison

    Great post! I see similar actions in private business as well. Thanks for the reminder that being ahead of the curve is hard work and a continual learning process!

  4. Daniela

    Perfect! I love that you always reframe your points in regard to our expectations for students. That strategy powerfully resonates with the resisters.

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