1. Paula Ayers

    Thank you George
    As always, you so eloquently and thoughtfully articulate what teaching and leadership is all about. One point that sticks to mind is that it is up to us as individuals and leaders to make a difference ourselves and stick to our beliefs…despite obstacles or little or negative or no feedback. We need to acknowledge those around us, but stick to our principles and passions. Setting high expectations for teachers and students to be innovative and curious learners is imperative.
    Your blog posts this year have been an inspiration and shining light for me – thank you! Hope you have a wonderful break and that next year be a better one.

  2. Mark Ziebarth

    Thanks for your great post! I enjoy reading your blog and hope you have an amazing year!

  3. Kaila Villiger

    Again inspiring, timely thoughts…creating culture particularly resonated with me…excellent summer thinking! Thanks:)

  4. Joel

    Great post, great points to focus on this summer getting while ready for next year, since I (finally!) have a job waiting for me.

  5. Rosemary West

    A chance to help others ……… May it be colleagues, families, or individual kids in your path, we are all “in the moment.” The days are what we make them. Rest, reflect, ready for a new day. Thank you!

  6. Diane Peterson

    Your words hit home with me! I’ve been teaching for 23 years and clearly remember thinking at the beginning that I wouldn’t be a long term teacher, that there would be something else in my career life. Well…here I am and proud of it! I agree 100% on all of your points.

    My PLN through Twitter in particular has connected me with people and resources in the past 5 months more than anything else has come close to – I dare to say ever! I am constantly amazed at what I find and am encouraged by it!

    I wholeheartedly agree with your second point. My love for learning has been ignited many times over throughout the years. I feel strongly that this newness and enthusiasm carries over and spills out into the classroom.

    And thirdly, I’ve adopted the “I Choose Joy” attitude from a Christisn song I heard long ago. Our headmaster coins that phrase as well. And two years ago, really out of nowhere, words came spilling out to my students “Make Excellence be your standard” when I was trying to relay to them the point of “give it your all,” “do your best,” “improve every day” soapbox speeches.

    Thank you for a powerful message that confirms and reaffirms some extremely important basics for teachers.
    Have the best ever 2013-14 year!

  7. Hey Pal,

    My plan for next year is to focus on helping the kids in my classroom see themselves as learners rather than students. Students implies passive-ness and learners implies action. Students implies “learning what I want them to learn” and learners implies “learning about things that move me.”

    If I can make that one change, I think my kids will benefit.

    Hope you’re well!

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