1. Curt Rees

    Great post George. In addition to what teaching candidates are like in their classroom, I also think about what it would be like to have them across the lunch table from you in the staff lounge for 30 years. The former is certainly most important, but knowing one another as people and team mates is also key.

  2. Patrick Larkin

    Great post buddy! I like to have a prospect spend some time sitting in the office by the secretaries who I trust a lot and getting their feedback on the individual from them. I am not sure their is anything more important than seeing how someone interacts with others. Just getting someone with the pedagogical background who lacks people skills is a huge problem. I think it all starts with interpersonal skills.

  3. Jon Samuelson

    I was involved in an interview last year over Skype. The principal and the members of my team were there. I thought that she answered the questions very well, but she was moving from out of state, and I wanted to know the details. I stepped in and asked if she considered classroom teaching a demotion from being an intervention specialist to a classroom teacher. I thought it was a fair question. Then she talked about how much she loved music and singing and so I asked who her favorite singer or group was. She couldn’t answer. My coworkers thought I was being rude and talked to me about it after the call ended. I defended myself and said that I wanted to know more about her personality and if she was a good fit. Based on her answers, I thought she would be a good primary teacher for the school. They hired her for fourth grade anyway, only to have her jump ship the second a primary opening happened over the summer. I think we are too predictable with our interview questions, change them up and see how candidates REALLY think on their feet. Great post, George!

    • George Couros

      Your comment really made me think…We always say that in teaching, “no day is ever the same”, or that it is unpredictable. So why would the interview process be the same? I know that there are HR concerns but we have to really think that we are in the people business, and get to know the people that we will be working with everyday and, as you said, the people that will be able to think quickly on their feet when dealing with the unpredictability that happens in the classroom.

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Priyanka Barara

    Great post George I totally agree,its how you connect to the students that matters .

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