1. Totally agree that adults need these too. Although, could cheerleading for others, keep you from attaining your own goals? Remember to toot your own horn whether you have a cheerleader yourself or not. Build your people while letting others know about all the good you do. Fine balance, I haven’t mastered yet.
    Thanks for the post George.

  2. Brianne

    George this post could not come at a more appropriate time. Maybe it was the four and half hours of listening to adults argue passionately about a tentative contract proposal or the overwhelmed feeling we all have as the final days of the school year wind down, but this post has me in tears. How amazing indeed would it be if we all had a champion? Someone who encouraged us, appreciated our hard work, and helped us celebrate those successes we often overlook. Now you have me thinking whose champion am I? Thanks for always pulling me off the edge and putting it in perspective.

  3. Lisa Stevenson

    George! Your timing is perfect. I really needed to see this today. As we wrap up our balanced calendar school year, I still strive daily to be a champion for “my” teachers in our building. This, however, opens the conversation of who is going to be “my” champion”? We continue to fight the good fight, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have a champion in your corner 🙂 This would be an awesome research project….

    • Hi Lisa
      For me that’s where great coaching comes into the picture, especially for senior or executive leaders who often don’t have someone to link with, to share issues, to offload to, and to help them develop. Developing a culture of coaching for Principals in their busy lives, supporting the life chances of young people is a win/win for me. What do you think?

  4. Yes! Everyone is at their best when they have a champion 🙂 We all need to feel supported and valued. As adults, I think we forget this too often. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. May

    Yes indeed. We all need that feeling of appreciation at work. Actually it will be heaven if we have it in life among family and friends.
    At work, we must surround ourselves with people believe in our abilities to achieve our goals. It’s easy when we are in the best mood and having the right amount of energy,but when we are tired and craby, it makes a big difference when we feel that people are supportive and do care about us.

  6. Caitlin

    I have yet to watch this particular TED video, but I agree and disagree with its essence. I agree that kids (and people in general) are more likely to want to do work for someone they believe values them and their work. However, I have discovered that more and more, children are maturing into adults who function as though they believe that they do not have to respect people who either they do not like or who they feel do
    not like them. Shouldn’t the message we send our kids (and ourselves) be something more along the lines of: “Treat others the way you wish to be treated, and even when they do not treat you as you wish to be treated, continue doing so.” Or “By respecting others, you demonstrate respect for yourself.” Kids need role models and mentors because they WILL imitate adults. This extends beyond sharing an affinity for one another. True champions expect the best from themselves and others day in and day out.

  7. Thank you for the timing of the post. We are starting to place emphasis on Social and Emotional Learning in our district and our school is to be trained on the approach with a week of professional development this Summer. I’m excited, but I am a minority. I think that as teachers we need a champion, but to look for the champion in our administrators may be asking too much. I find discussions with friends who are in other districts, who are collegiately minded or previous professors allows me to find a champion in certain areas. To look for just one champion is limiting to me and to them.

    Similarly I am a champion to those whom I share commonalities. I champion fellow theater and non-profits as well as fellow special educators with whom I’ve graduated, plus being around encouraging people make it much easier to be championed as well as a champion.

    Thanks for keeping the dialogue active!

    Mr Don

  8. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. As I read it I thought hmm,t his is how I felt the other day after students swearing in a google doc. The next day I ran a Tech PD for some teachers in my division and found my champions there. I, also, found people to be a champion for me as there were other teachers there who some amazing things. I came to the realization that my principal may never come into my room to see how I am pushing the edge with technology wise but, I have a few people people who are champions for me. I, also, have several students who are champions for me when they blog about their amazing technology experiences. Maybe, that is all I really need??

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