1. Spot on again George! Point five resonates with me because I believe that meaningful PD should be an individualized endeavor. I had a conversation with my Principal earlier in the week. We were discussing pushing the innovation envelope, “ramping-up” learning, and changing school culture. You articulated my points better than I did. I am sharing this post with him now. As always, thank you for the good thoughts and words.

  2. Brenda Kawasaki

    Thank you for your posts. I am almost done my Masters of Education in Educational practice and so many of your posts have given me encouragement to keep going! My inquiry is on differentiated learning strategies in the regular classroom and what happens when I (learning support teacher) am there to provide support in the classroom. I appreciate your positiveness, encouraging risk taking/modeling etc. Change is a huge mountain for some people and they need support to climb!

  3. Sandi Connors

    I am very inspired by this post, which calls on us to build better relationships with people as a foundation in our work. Overall, simple yet powerful concepts that need more attention. I particularly agree that “we are in the people business” and that we need to focus on “where people are” and care about them. Thank you

  4. Ros Cord-Udy

    Once again George you have hit the spot…your word need to resonate with those that are leading the learning in schools.

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