1. Faige

    This is a “keeper” and one we need to share in whatever way we can. Kids do need a champion and relationships that support their self-worth! Thanks.

  2. I wrote today in my blog that these days I read everything you post. So….thanks for sharing this link.

    I immediately watched the TED video you linked to and was also inspired to blog about it. Couldn’t not write anything though. Here is my reflection.
    I love Rita’s message at the end of the video….the message that positive relationships with students are key. She states that teaching and learning should bring joy and encourage our students to take risks with their learning. Thirty years in this profession and I can still say that teaching and learning brings joy. As I now work with principals and teachers to take risks in their learning and to bring joy to their teaching, I agree with Rita. The job isn’t always easy. In fact it is really hard work. However, it is NOT impossible. We CAN do it and as Barrack Obama says, “Yes we can!” We are born to make a difference.

  3. Dan Gillmor

    George I already sent this out on my Twitter feed. You are correct it is a very important message. Thanks for sharing with a wider audience.


  4. Datasha

    This is a message I have been preaching for years! Rita says it best and it should be echoed to every person who are around children on a daily basis. We should always look to inspire children, including the “tough” ones, because we never know what type of impact we will have on them… But more importantly, we never know what type of impact they will have on us.

  5. candra kwartaNa

    I have no argue with ur post..but i think not just kids wont learn from.the peoples hey dont like but adults is the same

    The first law when we want teach our kids or peoples is how to make they love our profile

  6. I’d think this talk is even more important to those in the edTech sector whose products and agenda have the potential to radically alter the shape of teacher-student relationships.

  7. Frances Barnes

    Her message is so simple but so powerful. When I applied for my first job one of the questions was whether I wanted to be liked or respected. I answered I wanted to be liked because its easier to respect someone you like. I still believe it to be true in the classroom and in life.

  8. Jeff Layman

    Relationships are a pretty underrated aspect to being a quality teacher. This isn’t to say that you need to be your students’ friend or anything silly, but changing the lens with which you view your students can significantly alter they way you can educate them. I’d also say that people undervalue the relationships they have with their coworkers and colleagues as well, but perhaps that is for another post 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing this one. I watched it first thing on a Monday morning- not a bad way to start the week 🙂 Shall be re-posting and saving this one for sure.

  10. twitter_ChristinaMLuce

    This should be the video clip to begin the year, to sustain us through middle and to rally us at the end. Love it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. The room simply disappeared from in front of my eyes, and instead of sitting at a cold metal and melmac desk, I was sitting in a meadow. I could no longer hear the strident voice of Miz R. lecturing the 3rd grade class; never connecting… always lecturing. I was outside, far away, watching the butterflies.
    My daydreams were so vivid that I can remember them today. Suddenly, the slap of a ruler on the hard desk surface snapped me out of my reverie. My teacher’s angry face appeared in a startling cross-fade.
    No, there is no learning without positive relationships. That much was obvious to me when I was eight years old. I am now a teacher, and being hugged by my students is one of my greatest joys. Relationships make it all worthwhile.

  12. Tina

    I have always believed that I couldn’t teach a child effectively if I didn’t connect with them in a meaningful way. Many of my colleagues in my early years of teaching, thought that I was too soft and I questioned my beliefs. Rita Pierson just took me back to when I was that young teacher, feeling like a square peg in a round hole. She touched my inner core and reaffirmed for me that teaching IS about the connection and it IS about relationships.
    Thank you for sharing this, George. I know that I will be sharing it too!

  13. AJ Juliani

    George, I recently shared this with my staff because I believe it is such a powerful and simple message. We need to realize that a teacher’s job goes way beyond content. Look up the definition! It’s about a relationship that leads to true learning and understanding. It doesn’t end in June. If the students continues to learn and think, then that relationship had true power.

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