1. Sue King

    What a wonderful and thoughtful post! I needed to read this today! In these very challenging times in the field of education, it is so beneficial to be able to be inspired and encouraged by others.

  2. Thanks for the insights and the link to the Simon Senek talk. It will be a great reference point for the middle school conference we are planning in our district!

  3. Denise Drinkwalter

    Thanks for the ideas. I strongly believe that the question “why” is not used frequently enough in education. What I mean by that is not simply to question why to move to dismissal of the idea, but rather to ask why to deepen as you suggest, to understand, reason and provide purpose for doing so. Through the work I am currently involved in with Steven Katz and my professional principal learning community I am developing a new awareness and understanding about the importance of why in my work with staff. We are looking closely at students who are struggling within parts of the area of our school math focus. We are beginning to narrow our focus, slowing down and not rushing to paint brush solutions, rather deepening our understanding by focusing on the “why” is it that some students are not understanding? This focus helps us to reflect on what pieces are they missing but more importantly what is the impact for me as the educator in my teaching? What is my need based on what I know about my student need. In this way, we as administrators need to reflect and look at the student and teacher needs, to help us determine how to assist the learning need of the educator, with the intention of not doing the heavy lifting and problem solving for the teacher, but rather to help them and support them to look at what is working and why and what isn’t and why. Once we are able to determine the problem of practice then we are able to address the strategies needed to make the changes. As administrator the primary role in all of this is intentional interruption of the status quo to help deepen knowledge, understanding and inform practice. We are working on making connections and deepening understanding of the learning for all of us and the key piece for me in all of it is being able to work within a network of administrators to help deepen my understanding and improve my practice as well.

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