1. Alyse Fritz

    George – you are consistently on point & remarkably timely. Particularly fond of digesting #2 (hearing/no follow thru). We are experiencing A LOT of change this year and anxiety is high. Grounding myself in messages like this help me keep above water. Thnx!

  2. Hey Pal,

    Just wanted to let you know that this was a brilliant bit. I pulled a neck muscle nodding my way through the entire piece.

    Thanks for articulating so much of what I feel good (and bad) leadership looks like in action.

    Hope you’re well,

  3. Anne Dohnt

    As a principal shared information with teachers about classroom issues at a staff meeting, a teacher commented to a co-teacher, ‘ I thought I taught Year 3, I now feel like I am in Year 3.’
    I agree George, we are never going to create innovative and dynamic learning environments if leaders do not model creativity, collaboration, deep thinking and develop a shared vision about what quality learning looks, sounds and feels like. How can we expect our teacher to do what they may not know or have experienced?

  4. twitter_ChristinaMLuce

    Well written, and spot on (as usual) particularly the idea of vision without clarity. Frequently vision or mission statements are shared without a clear plan for achieving that goal, and the milestones to be recognized along the way.

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