1. Beate

    I am a new (older :-)) educator to engage in twitter and blogging and have been impressed with the trust and reflective sharing that evolves quickly between participants. I have been reading your reflections about your father’s passing and that of Alex’s. Many others like me thank you for reminding us of how important it is to appreciate our parents, our families and our partners and friends. At the end of the day it is our humanity that really matters and caring for those near to us is paramount. May your memories bring you peace.

  2. Andrea

    You continue to WOW me, and make me ball uncontrollably 🙂 How powerful is it that we now live, learn and educate in a world that allows people to connect and therefore heal in so many ways. Your stories of your dad remind me of my own childhood and bring flooding back the fond memories of my own lost parents. Living away from my family Social Media has similarly to you allowed me to not ever feel alone in my work or personal life, I’m proud to be a member of the educator ‘tribe’. I send you and your entire family all my love and thank you for sharing your memories and talent with words with me.

  3. Angela

    As so many others have continually said before me, thank YOU for being that insight–that light in a lonely tunnel–for all of us! The least we could do is reach out to you in your time of need. You don’t know me. We’ve never met. But I feel I know you across the miles due to your openness and honesty. I am one of those “strangers” that have admired from afar. Know that there are thousands more like me, I’m sure, who wish you nothing but peace, love, and comfort during this difficult time. This journey will make you stronger!
    Much respect and sympathies,

  4. Cecilia Jabakumar

    May comfort and peace be yours as you work through your loss and grief. Thank you for sharing yourself and truly inspiring others to do better.

  5. Thanks again for giving to the fullest George. My hope is that educators and students everywhere will ultimately “get it” with respects to social media and PLNs. Personally, I feel that developing relationships through social media has taught me to be more introspective, responsive, and nurturing with my face-to-face relationships. I appreciate and respect your willingness to learn and grow in the light, and in the dark. Peace.

  6. Thanks for your thoughtful reminder of the connections we make with others. I lost my dad almost40 years ago, and it will be 13 years ago in August with my mom. My social networks at those times were limited, but I’ve never forgotten the way people reached out to me during those tough times. Take care of yourself.

  7. Lesa

    I wanted you to know that I have been thinking of you. My father passed away six years ago. It took me four years before I could delete his phone number from my cell phone. Losing a parent is difficult. You and your family are being lifted up in prayer.

  8. Hello again George, life throws up opportunities and challenges. My life as an educator & K-6 school principal in Australia spiralled down to…. Early retirement. At 53. No words can express my deep disappointment at leaving my much loved career thanks to being over-worked & understaffed. But, with around a year & some other bits of training I did (once a learner. Always a learner!) I returned to the K-6 classroom. Part time. In a former colleague’s school who’s known me for 30 years…I grew in confidence again. Long story short — the being with K-6 kids & teachers again & being appreciated for my years of experience saw my healing completed. Loved it all. At 60, more grand kids had come along & I chose to finish school teaching & care for the little ones.BUT I became lonely. I missed collegial chats & catch ups. 5 months into this phase of my life, May 2010 I joined twitter. I found some people to chat with & realised that I saw one Twitter handle that might be in Dept of Ed NSW. She was & later that year, we found we lived close enough to go out for coffee & then she introduced me to the world of those on twitter who are educators. Since 2011 I have tweeted (I was denwise1) & met tweeps & become fully immersed in education matters again. Recently I re-invented myself as an k-6 education specialist to help parents & now I am also working with those new to teaching. I’ve been to teach meets & have 2 blogs. I’m now @readyset2school &. @readyset2teach. My post long comment is just how much it means to me that I “meet” you in my in-box, tweet & meet the PM of Australja recently & attend #teachmeets. I really hope to listen to you one day in Aust. I’m in Sydney.! Thank you again for how you inspire me & my daughter teacher. Your dad is a proud papa. Denyse

  9. Awww… this is perfect. It’s not too mushy at all. I think it’s really brave for you to be transparent about something that has meant a lot to you. I love how your dad (and mom, probably) influenced your views/ development in education. My parents were both teachers, so education was something of a family business. I have never appreciated how hard they worked as I do now.
    I also can’t say enough about the benefits of social media like Twitter for connecting with other people. You’re such a “real, live” person. So genuine. There’s no doubt you’ll continue to cope and grow in this grieving process. It was really tough for me to lose my Daddy, too. I think the realization of how much (more all the time) he influenced me makes me stronger / more determined. It has sort of added layers to who I am. May that be your experience, too! I love your blog.

  10. Tom Whitford

    George, so glad we were able to personally connect at ASCD. Leah and I talk about you all the time, and we truly miss your company, humor and insight. I am positive your parents are filled with pride when they think of you and you have accomplished and become. You have taught Lean and I so much it is hard to even share it all. But mostly I am thankful for getting to know “you.” Yes, I first got a taste of that on Twitter and then an even deeper sense of you here through your blog….but connecting with you in person reaffirmed everything I believed about you. While I eagerly anticipate our next face to face…well, I will just meet you here and on Twitter whenever we can. Love you Bro!!

  11. I think you have immunity, right now, and can write about whatever you want :). With that said, though, I think you and Alec are 2 of the most thoughtful educators I “know” and I find value in most of your blog posts. In particular, you share a lot of yourself and do a great job of tying that back to your profession or just learning. I find it inspiring, though I probably won’t dive into the blogging for another couple of months, yet.

    I think I will eventually view twitter in a similar way – right now, I call it my “happy place” :). I’m so grateful to be able to connect with other educators. I knew I needed to do something to extend myself beyond my tiny coastal town – the next step is to actually get out of town for conferences, once in a while, once school is done.

    Continuing to keep your family in my thoughts.
    Sarah (@sbethm)

  12. George,

    When my father passed away five years ago, joining my mother who had died many years ago, I suddenly felt untethered from the earth, experiencing the beautiful terror of full and complete independence for the first time. I am blessed with children and a wonderful husband, but losing one’s parents, even in one’s 40’s, grants a final adulthood.

    I’m sorry you’ve lost your father, but I hope you discover new understandings of the world and yourself, as I did. From the loving way you describe your father, I suspect that would be his greatest wish.


  13. twitter_angietarasoff

    George, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. In your previous post, you said that your dad seemed impervious to death. He still is. In your words and actions, you live his legacy. Peace.

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  15. George, I’ve had my head down and have been working my back end off, so I missed your last blog. I’m sorry for your loss.

    And I want to thank you, too. Since I’ve followed you on Twitter, you have often made me think and reflect. Your reflections are a great gift to those of us out here around the world. They are models for thinking and for professional and personal growth. So, thank you for your gifts.

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