1. George, I’m so glad that I saw this post of yours! First of all, it’s great how you could go back through your tweets and really reflect on them. As educators, we often talk about the power of reflection, but you showed how education, social media, and reflection can all intersect.

    I think that your last point about students is even more important. I’ve used Twitter a lot in the classroom with my Grade 6 students this year, and I think that they’re seeing the power of their voice too. They’re also seeing the power of combined voices. You can actually see that in this challenge posed by one of my Grade 6 students: http://6bd.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/2012/10/27/my-challenge-to-you/

    Thank you for getting me thinking about the tremendous value in our tweets!

  2. George wrote:

    I learned that I not only have a voice, but that I have a voice that can matter.

    – – – – – – – –

    THAT’s the key, George — and that IS the lesson that we need to be teaching our students.

    Kids want to do work that matters. And better yet, they CAN do work that matters simply by using digital tools to raise their voices on the issues that are the most important to them.

    No longer should we be trying to create relevant learning experiences for our kids. We need to create REAL learning experiences for them.

    That’s a lesson you learned — and it’s a lesson we’ve gotta teach our kids.

    Thanks for the reminder,

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