1. Hey my name is George and I just wrote a blog post about my friend Amanda but decided to put my name on it. I’m so tired & exhausted. I’m on a ‘I can’t do this anymore’ cycle. Today I didn’t want to start my car and go to work. Literally just sat there. I got to school and we immediately went into lock down for 5 hours so now I can say I wasn’t really tired this morning compared to now. I miss blogging as much as I used to. i miss reading too. It is so hard to find a balance. Tomorrow I plan on being on couch most AM & shopping on afternoon.

    We aren’t our best when we are tired. But I’m not sure we can prevent getting that way. Last year I have up saying yes too much for lent. I’m still saying no a lot more since then. I have no advice. Just feeling the same, Good luck on Sunday. Hope the pups let you sleep in. Miss ya.

  2. I totally understand. Love my job and feel very blessed to be able to travel so much and speak to teachers so I don’t complain publicly but I’m seriously exhausted at times, have bits of narcolepsy where I just fall asleep during conversations (hopefully never a presentation) and last year I was in the hospital for exhaustion 3 times and sick so many more times. I decided to travel less this year and do more webinars/online work. I’m saying no to things and I’ve even taken time off Twitter, Facebook, or limited the time on social networks. You deserve your days so enjoy them! Have fun with the dogs, play your guitar, go for runs, etc. and recoup because so many are inspired by you and your energy so it’s important you take the time for yourself so you never lose that.

  3. Joanne Coote

    Thank you for sharing some of your time and wisdom with us at COSL this week. Your presentation changed the way I look at technology and education!

  4. twitter_sbethm

    George, you’re awesome and you should take a breather once in a while. I hope you find some quiet time on Sunday!

  5. michelleandroreed

    Bravo! I was wondering how you do it, even Superman needs to rest and recharge. Hoping you will enjoy some well deserved and necessary renewal time. We need you! 🙂

  6. Cecilia Jabakumar

    Maybe winter is finally going away. I want it to be so. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on feeling tired. May your weekend be brighter.

  7. Lesa Haney

    I loved the honesty and transparency of your post. Please remember, that even Superman had a Fortress of Solitude do he could rest and regroup. You passion comes through in your blogs and tweets. While we all appreciate and admire your work, please take some time to rest.

  8. It’s Sunday so I hope you are resting; tomorrow is Family Day so hopefully that will get you another day of rest so that you can recharge and continue to your great work teaching, supporting and encouraging.

    Your post really resonated with me. I read it last night, and woke up thinking about it this morning (a little to early, but the to-do list in my head had gone off.) As a teacher, it seems like every year there is more to do. In addition to the planning, correcting, making connections with students, and the endless administrivia, there are connections to be made with those in my PLN, professional development (etmooc at the moment, teacher’s convention next week), and tools and techniques to test out.

    A photo passed through my Twitter feed yesterday that was posted from the Calgary Teacher’s Convention. Teachers had been asked to describe their workload this year by adding a coloured dot on a poster that had a continuum from less work to much more work. It was no surprise to me that the dots had almost all been placed on the side of more work, and much more work.

    There has to be a way for us to work smarter, to drop some (or all) of the busy work that we do because we have always done it, or it has always been required of us, to make room for new ways of doing things, ways that are better for us and for our students. I know if I were in the classroom this year, I would not have had time to compose this comment, I would be to busy planning and correcting.

    I guess we all need to learn how to say now a little more frequently. Hopefully when we all start thinking about working smarter, and in ways that are better for our students, we will be able to establish new norms, requirements and expectations that leave all of us feeling a little less tired and more rewarded.

  9. Lisa Noble

    I am blessed with a spouse who sees the signs when I am headed for this kind of day (not worked out enough, behind on the things I need to get done, grumpy, exhausted, stressed out), and reminds me that things are getting a little out of control. That’s when I need to step back and rethink, and focus on what must be done to get things back into balance. Thanks so much for this.

  10. Thinking about you, Buddy.

    And grateful for willingness to share this simply because it resonates.

    Sometimes I think guys like us are on an endless track to no where. It’s like we’re pushing and pushing and pushing — trying to help, trying to advise, trying to change, trying to influence — without ever leaving time to be pulled.

    That’s something we need to remember. There’s a fine line between being passionate and being exhausted.

    Hope you’re doing well…

  11. This is very timely for me. I am feeling exhausted. I’m the head of a school library. 10 years at one school, and then I moved to another school without taking a long-service leave break in between. Big mistake.
    I have recently realised that I am terrible at saying no, especially to small things that I think “it’s easier just to do it myself”. But i’m creating dependant co-workers. These are grown ups who can’t even be bothered to make their own bookings using the automated booking system, so they email me. And I make their bookings because it’s easier than reminding them who to do it themselves.
    No more, I say!
    Thanks, George.

  12. Erez

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