1. Wow!!! What an amazing Article. *FANTASTIC!* I think this is my most favorite blog article that I have ever read. What a phenomenal writing following up such a tremendous week. You are really making a difference. Especially, I like the way that you open up the dialogue amongst all who care about educating our young people for their futures. Will ~Share~.

  2. Steven Nielsen

    Great article George! I couldn’t agree more. To me, I think one of the biggest reasons for the “slow” change is because we are trying to change from the inside out. I preach these things to my staff and then in the next sentence I’m still talking about getting great diploma/achievement results. I know this argument is not new to you and I’ve heard others say that teachers can teach “21st century” and still get great results but I totally disagree. For example, the grade 12 math curriculum: I would wager that well over 80% of it will never be relevant to 90% of the students taking it (ironically unless they become a math teacher). I’m not arguing that some of the math will be needed if a student chooses engineering (or others) but why not wait to teach it until then?
    My favorite question as a math teacher from students was, “When am I ever going to use this”? And I would respond.. “Probably never”.. Added to this irony is that my brother is a chemical engineer and when I asked how much of his “school” education (including university) he uses, he said less than 5%.
    It worked as a filtering system in the past as a test of who could “learn” but we MUST find a new method that makes sense for today… I believe this is the greatest hurdle for needed change.

    I believe in everything in your article and and am a fan/participant of the movement… Just hope we can change “before we are no longer needed”. Thank you for your continued efforts.

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