1. Love the idea to share contributions that go beyond test scores! Volunteer hours, $ raised, families helped, acts of kindness witnessed, etc… It is ongoing. Congrats to Dean on the pounds lost too!

  2. I love this idea! A school could create an infographic with the information to visually share with their constituents. I agree it should focus on things like community service and books read for fun as opposed to test scores and standards.

  3. A great idea!!

    I’ve already got some people at my school interested in creating something like this as a part of our “year end” report! So much better than a static PPT slides full of graphics and text, or PDF pages. Even if it simplifies some of the key accomplishments and issues, I would bet we’ll get a MUCH wider audience, and many parents (and teachers) who would never read a boring PDF report will at least look at a movie like this and get a sense of all that our students, teachers and other staff members did this year.

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