1. Good thought. I appreciate the approach of helping our students seize opportunities to make a difference instead of merely helping them avoid unsavory or dangerous activities. We know what the challenges are of living in the digital age, but let us also help them embrace the opportunities!

  2. This is excellent; I love it. I have just shared this with our director of character education and our character education teacher to see how we can do something like this. It is such a meaningful, easy, simple thing to do that has the power to make such a difference in people’s lives.

  3. […] Now I believe that all of these things are extremely important to the success of our students in the future, but there is one thing that is important to all of this; that our students are good people. One of the things that I have told my students over and over again is that it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you are considered a jerk. Treat others with kindness and consideration. Always. […]

  4. Kathleen Fisher

    Excellent article and video … we need programs like this in the workforce and communities in general.

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