1. George,
    As someone who learns from you often, I continue to be inspired by your openness both personally and professionally. Watching your growth as an educator and leader over the past few years has been amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey and raising the bar for others. I am thankful to call you a colleague and a friend.

    I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2013!

    • George


      You are like a brother to me and probably one of the best things about Twitter has been the connection I have made with you. Although I think that you are amazing professionally, personally you have made more of a difference for me than you will ever know!

      Give Wendy and the kids a big hug from me!!! Miss you brother!

  2. Hi George!

    What a nice, reflective post. I have actually read all of the posts you linked to – I connect to them much easier than your posts that focus solely on being a principal or an educator. This might simply be because our jobs are different and I know you’ve been working in education a lot longer than I have, or maybe because we both have dogs. At any rate, I try to read some of the other posts as well, in order to learn from you.

    Happy new year! I’m looking forward to continuing to connect w/ you in 2013! I’m off to read Ms. Howarth’s post as well, and then hopefully do some reflective writing of my own – take care!


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