1. Excellent summary of the “law of the few” from Gladwell’s book Tipping Point. What might happen if hundreds of teachers (and thousands of students) read that summary? I’m collecting tidbits that should be seen by students before they leave high school (I’m a high school teacher). I invite your visit to http://www.VeryCoolSites.com and hope that you can recommend some sites and videos for the collection.

  2. Travis McNaughton

    Nice post. I think that sometimes leaders feel a pressure like they have to be “expert” and/or the most innovative person of the people they are leading. I agree that leaders should possess these traits but I think that it is important to foster a culture where others are able to take risks and be innovative in their area of expertise/passion. They may not be the “information specialist” in some areas but visionary leadership is reflective enough to recognize our own limitations while still placing high value on that particular area in order to empower others to drive innovation in a way that they cannot themselves.

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