1. Fabulous. Talking about risk taking is so important. I am implementing a 1-1 iPad classroom as well and I couldn’t agree more about the risk taking and leadership piece. I think it is important to change our relationship with failure. Productive failure is good. As a former downhill ski racer, I remember this story about failure, specifically crashing. I went through a phase when I couldn’t seem to finish a run or a race. It was bad, I was trying new techniques and crashing. It was demoralizing. My coaches reminded me that pushing the boundaries was important and falling was a good sign. Eventually, I got out of my slump and my performance sky rocketed.
    Your teachers are lucky to have you as their leader. My principal, @sbruyns, is also inspring, supportive, and generally awesome. Thanks for your leadership out hear on the web as well as at your school. Great post.

  2. Excellent points about risk taking. I often wonder if teachers as a group are inherently risk adverse, or if it is structural/organizational. I know for myself that what often holds me back from risk taking is the 25+ set of parental eyes I know will be watching me. But then I remind myself that scrutiny isn’t a bad thing – and in fact parents have always been very supportive when I keep them informed and when they know that I have the best interest of their children at heart. I wonder what strategies your district used to get parents “on board” with your experiment?

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