1. Absolutely love it! You found the perfect quote with which to end by. You are right, it is the power of the sharing with and the learning from others that allows us all to become better for it.

    I will definitely be sharing this with my colleagues and admins!

    Debra @teacherdebra

  2. Travis McNaughton

    Very cool stuff. I think the idea for innovation week is awesome! The possibilities are endless. It's amazing to see the creativity and ingenuity from students when they get engaged. Just the other week I received an email from a teacher who is using Google Docs for students to collaborate on story writing. The subject of her email was "powerful" and went on to share how exciting it was to see her students engaged in working together, sharing ideas and feedback. She even shared how parents seeing the work that they were doing from home has helped them understand and appreciate the value that these tools can bring to the students.

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