1. coleksyn

    "Empowering the voice of your students". That's the most important line I've heard in a long time. It really is about facilitating and ultimately empowering students to express their own voice.
    Thanks for this post George. You are right that it takes courage, vulnerability and trust to make your voice known, both for adults and children.

    As a parent of a nine year old blogger, I can say from experience that helping children blog is a lot of work! Multiply that in a classroom of many and the time, planning and energy for a teacher is enormous. But what is the pay off? Real learning: in creativity, literacy, self-esteem, connection, essential technology skills and digital literacy, not to mention the most important…helping a child find their voice.
    How much more worthy a pursuit for education than the endless memorization of facts that can simply be looked up?

    As I've watched a good number of educators makes the leap into writing and then openly sharing it, I've seen the inspiration and energy from that pursuit ebb into their classroom. As the teacher learns and grows, so do the students. As the teacher finds their voice it is easier for them to recognize and facilitate the same in their students. As you say, if we are simply telling a child what to write about for the sake of blogging, it is not really their voice they are finding. It is much messier and chaotic to facilitate a child's own thoughts and takes trust on our part as the teacher or parent to let their own words stand and be published. But how much easier to do this if we ourselves have stepped into the vulnerability and modelled such sharing fir our kids.

  2. I just wrote about this in my blog (we've created blogs a part of my Educational Technology class)

    It is so important to get students to express themselves, and you are right about the modeling aspect. thanks for writing this

  3. Justin

    What a great post! I never thought much of the blog other than using them as a tool for the practice of writing. I never thought of them in any other way, but your reflexion has given the blog much deeper purpose and has inspired me to look deeper at their potential. Thank you!

  4. […] Student Voice – Building upon the last point, giving students a space to share their voice is extremely important.  Blogging should not only be “school related” but “learning related”.  In a blog, you may learn a lot about not only what students are learning in school, but what they are passionate about and hopefully how we could serve them better as educators.  In a world where everyone can have a voice, isn’t essential that we teach students how to use this powerful medium to share theirs in a me…? […]

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