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  1. Totally agree with your insights that by being "visible thinkers" and "reflective doers" we have the ability to shift our current systems. By even stating the terms "visible" and "reflective" the true power of those two actions is brought to the fore-front, making them purposeful and productive.

    Appreciate the fact that you are also advocating for leaders to be the role-models- not only for the 'walk the talk' factor but because I believe that it takes away the complaint often heard that administrators 'stop growing' when they step into the office. How many administrators currently blog I wonder? Are there any stats to show how many teachers are blogging? Wonder if any studies are in the pipelines about the impact of blogging on teacher/administrator practices?

    You mention this but I think it is important to keep in mind that blogging is a journey and it takes time to get to the "natural transparency" and deep reflection that you talk about. I am just starting on this journey. Personally I want to be mindful that I am not just "another voice" out there in an attempt to make my thinking 'visible' but someone who is adding "value" to the conversations that are taking place. Is this always the case though?

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