1. Tony Lunniss

    This captures so many of the issues and strategies we are working on at Wirreanda High School (in Adelaide, South Australia). We are really looking forward to having an opportunity to talk, share and learn from each other in person when you visit us on November 7. As you say here, the key thing is to keep learning and our students at the centre of all that we do.

  2. lmdsuarez

    Where are the spaces in a school where we can encourage and promote innovation and learning? Of course, in every classroom but especially in the school library. The school library with a full time teacher librarian is a learning lab for all students and staff. In Surrey, we are experimenting with the Library Commons model to offer our learners a learning lab to try out new ideas and technologies. Teacher Librarians are educational leaders and in collaboration with staff, they promote deeper teaching and learning in a school. One school in Washington has a room where students can just build "stuff" and this maker culture promotes tinkering, experimentation and play. These ideas are essential for innovation. Perhaps, we have to give ourselves permission to play again and to schedule into our day time to play and try out new ideas. The video Caine's Arcade reminds us of the joy we can have by jumping in and playing in the sandbox again.

    Thanks for your ideas and I will share them with my staff and with #sd36learn

  3. M Romaine

    I think you underestimate the effect of parent education. With or without actually discussing the use of technology in learning, when teachers inspire some interested parents by sharing our current findings in the field of education together with some related articles or students’ works, we get both clients, parents and students, on our side.

  4. Fulvio Frijo

    I was looking for your ISTE 2013 talk and lo and behold I found this which has some of your material. Thanks again

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