1. Jonathan Martin

    This is a great post, George, and it is very affirming for me to read this right now: it helps me to recognize that perhaps the best way to capture my current personal/professional "mission" is to help schools do exactly this, "every kid having a device in school is just the norm" in the best possible way. Whether it is training teachers, or selling devices, or writing about best practices and the ways kids learn more and learn better with devices, I'm trying to take the actions to make this happen. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Kyla Coulman-Absher

    Interestingly, I was originally just going to e-mail you to talk to you about your presentation. Reading your post, I realized my queries were pretty much relevant to your own pondering. Similarly, I am tired of head bobbing! I wish I had gathered enough gumption to actually talk to you at the conference, and I apologize that I did not. This post confirms that it was a mistake to be shy about talking to you, lol! In any event, I found your session to be very engaging, and very enlightening, but I noticed that you did not speak to the challenges you and your district no doubt faced (and probably continue to face to some extent).

    It was very heartening to see your presentation focusing and emphasizing the success your district is experiencing, but going along with what you've said here about affecting action, it also would have been quite beneficial to hear more details about the roadblocks or problems encountered, and ultimately the solutions devised, particularly around implementation. You and your district have done something that many district leaders still struggle with or speak and/or act disingenuously about. The climate that your administration has affected is remarkable.

    Specifically, I'm curious about staff engagement and what had to happen there, as well as hearing more about parent engagement. What are the nuances of the engaging factors that get people on board? It has to be more than "flash" definitely, but I personally struggle with advocacy in my own workplace with the same ideas you have made so successful here.

    You had mentioned something about 'the perfect storm' in the preview of your session, but is it that your work was offered as a solution and it was seamlessly picked up by students, teachers, admin and parents, or that it was just an ideal school district to try it out in because of demographic reasons, financial reasons? Again, I am very curious about the process here, and as I've realized it is a pro-active process that is successful, not a reaction.

    Thank you for sharing this contemplation, as well as for your session George – they were very thought provoking and will continue to be!

  3. Thank you for your advice too and the information about the teachers, parents and learning, I will keep my eyes peeled for these jobs too (to be honest I’m looking for anything and everything now, just a job would be great!).

    I really admire your motivation and drive as well and it is very impressive that despite the difficulties in finding work opportunities that you have decided to use your experience – that sounds so interesting! Good luck with your next post and I hope better plants prospects come along for you too.

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