1. catherinems

    I've been following your Leadership 2.0 series via the recordings that you post. I have found it thought provoking and was looking forward to hearing the superindendant speak. At the moment, only the first 2 recording ard posted. I was wondering if this latest one would be up soon?

  2. Vicki

    George, I've noticed a number of times that when I read your posts the large black box on the bottom with 'pin it' etc. actually covers the end of your post. This is about the 4th post of yours that it had happened to. I am reading it on an iPad…not sure if that impacts it. As for this post, I applaud your choice to be transparent. How can we create a culture that encourages risk-taking if we are afraid to share our own mistakes?

  3. Sonja Willier

    Yes, this happens when I read your blog on my iPad also. Usually your last sentence leaves us with a question to ponder and I haven't been able to read it on my iPad…

    I think that no matter what path we walk in life and what steps we take, we need to do so with honesty and integrity. Without it, what do we really have?

  4. "My response: if a board is not willing to understand that I am open and honest about who I am as a person and I can’t be real, I wouldn’t want to work with them. Period. Superintendents, principals, teachers all need to be real people, sometimes with ups, and sometimes with downs. If they can’t embody that transparency, what do they model for our students?"

    What a timely clear statement…this is what we should expect from anyone who works with our students…and definitely as leader, what i hope to emulate.
    Thanks, GC!

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