1. darcymullin

    I love the educational merit of the post, but bringing attention to the Avett brothers is even better…love those guys!

  2. Sylvia Lima

    I sincerely love reading your posts. Amazingly insightful and thought provoking. Thank you =)

  3. George, you're blog is amazing 🙂 Graham is write about the quote "A true teacher is an excited learner" and you are one of them. Keep it up!

  4. George, you are the man! I almost wrote you when you posted about the Avett Brothers before (because I absolutely love them), but got busy. When I read this, I felt compelled to write you if to say nothing more than "right on"! Keep up the amazing work, your blog puts mine to shame…I can tell how much effort you put into your posts (especially this one). Be well!

  5. Derek Suttie

    Hi George, I read your posts daily from South Africa and thoroughly enjoy your twitter comments too…thank you for your really inspiring and motivationaln thoughts!

  6. George, I had to come back tot his post because I have a question and greatly appreciate your thoughts. Do you consider parents "learners"? My reason for asking is primarily due to the new CCSS beginning to role out at local schools. What are your thoughts on preparing parents for this transition and possibly suggest resources for us? What if you have a child with LD (or multiple LD's), ESL and ELL students? These kids are already struggling academically and socially. Do these standards widen that gap even more?
    I look forward to your thoughts.
    Thank you , =)
    Sylvia Lima

  7. I absolutely agree. In a perfect world, this would be happening across the nation but the reality is that administrators and teachers are themselves still trying to figure out how to implement into subject matter. How do we get involved when they are in the throes of CCSS as well as implementing SEL standards and assessments? I don't know if the SEL initiative and assessments is being addressed across the nation but it is in our elementary, middle and high school districts.
    Are there opportunities or information resources available for parents if the school isn't a viable resource right now? My biggest fear is not knowing or correctly understanding these new standards and delaying our children even more.

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