1. mslirenman

    Totally honoured, thrilled, and flattered to be featured in this post. I can assure you that I am not alone in what I'm doing in a grade one class as I can list off several in my PLN doing great things too. I do my best to keep my student’s families and my administration informed with the adventures we are having in the connected world. And I most definitely teach reading and writing – with real pencils and real books! I am keen to share what I am doing with anyone that will listen and I will help anyone that asks. In fact tomorrow I will be showing my staff how to get their students blogging. I think the key for any teacher new to using technology as a tool for learning is to start with what you're comfortable with – a Skype call, or a shared reading experience. I am uber keen and curious to try most things as long as I know why I'm doing what I'm doing. As I mentioned in my blog post becoming a connected educator has completely changed me as a teacher for the better and I want the same for my students. There are so many opportunities out there if you're willing to give them a try. I have barely scratched the surface. Karen

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