1. Julie Milligan

    Hi George,

    I am an Assistant Principal at the Calgary Board, on professional fellowship leave, at the International school of Macao (Alberta Curriculum). Last year, I came to realized the importance of a PLN (and twitter) as I missed the connections and conversations that are not as readily available working in a school outside of a larger system. I now attend as many international conferences as possible and look at strengthening my PLN with some fabulous international leaders and educators.

    I see your Leadership 2.0 post on the the Principal Quality Standards and would love to join in. These sessions are 7AM Macao time, so if it is possible, I would love to come to work early, get a big mug of coffee and participate. Is it open to everyone who is interested in Leadership and connected with the Alberta Curriculum? Thanks for your great posts, and your inspiration!
    Julie Milligan
    Inquiry and Curriculum Specialist
    TIS Macao

  2. Hey Pal,

    So are us classroom teacher types welcome to come and play? Looks like it's an admin-only party!

    I might come whether teachers are invited or not.


    ; )

  3. Erin Philps

    Are there recordings of the previous sessions available? I only just found out about the course but would like to catch-up and participate.

    • Andy

      I'd also like to know about recordings. I'd love to participate, but the sessions are on at midnight, GMT, and that's an issue on a school night!

      I should say, however, thanks for making these sessions available. We now just need the planet to be on the same timezone!

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