1. I think it would be an excellent video to share. Especially at the MS/HS level. We are all fallible, but if we learn from the mistakes we make we can go on to accomplish great things. A powerful message indeed and what that should be discussed with students. Why can't we be inspired and learn from people that have made mistakes?

    Thanks again for sharing a thought provoking and inspiring post George. I truly enjoy learning from you.

  2. Hayley Mantini

    The 'develop an appetite for learning' video comes up with a message stating that it has been removed by the user. Is there anyway that I can get my hands on it?

  3. This question proposal resonated with me in a remarkable way ……. Ask the question, “how do you promote creativity in your classroom?”, and then have them make that thinking visible. It is imperative that we share these practices…. I was in a recent conversation, regarding my professional experience and my "upgraded" vision as a school leader that raises teacher awareness of the importance for cultivating a culture of learning that is community, purposeful, and passionate about student learning and the use of technology and creative ways to connect student learning. So, it was certainly a check for me to connect to your proposed question. It is also interesting that you mention the Common Core dominant conversation in the US because there is such a statewide emphasis where I reside for CCCRS and I appreciate the authorship and collaboration because it creates common language and in my school it has becomes the centerpiece of our instructional focus but even still with the rollout and schools working through the implementation, I continue to lead formal and informal discussions with teachers about upgrading their lessons plans to offer a creative extension to deepen student learning where students grapple with problem solving, defending a argument with viable evidence, creating, and thinking critically as dominant skills to name a few and the CCCRS instruction as the platform for the viable skills that will guide students through the graduation of their learning. Teaching so that the skills are transferable in any setting and any context of learning. My arguement continues to be that even with CCCRS as a focus we must teach students how to learn more the prescribed curriculum. Thanks for sharing your insight today!

  4. Anissa

    I loved the articles. I agree with every single word you wrote!!!! I do believe in the important role of teachers to help their students grow. To be attentive and ready to ” dig” deep in them to find out about their potentials, their “hidden” skills and talents and help them to show what they’re capable of!!!! Teachers should hear what they’re capable of saying, watch what they’re capable of showing!!!! But I do believe that not all teachers have the opportunities themselves to be helped, well-trained, well-cared for, well-heard, well-equipped to do so though motivation, enthusiasm and initiatives are there.

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