1. kturley

    So glad I had the chance to meet you and learn from you at CEGSA2012. The workshops of twitter and blogging have inspired me to begin my own connected learning journey. I was just looking at my blog that has been up for three weeks and was very excited to look at where the visitors had come from 12 countries including USA, Canada, Indonesia and even Camodia. As an adult this excited me so I and only imagine how real the connection would be for students to realise that their blogs are being read worldwide.
    Thank you for sharing your stories both in person and online. I look forward to continuing the learning on line. And I love the Gotye video but no Bieber!

  2. Thanks for a great post George. From starting a class blog 3 months go to being a full on twitter convert, I have learnt so much from your many posts and tweets and I am grateful to the friend of a friend who first forwarded me one of your posts! Don't underestimate the enormous influence you are having in connecting people and giving me the confidence to be innovative and take risks to seek better student outcomes.
    Sorry to have missed you in Aus but maybe one day!
    Mary @Mj0401Mary

  3. kturley

    I think you might already have followed me @kathturley and blog is http://www.kathyturley.wordpress.com
    I do have a colleague who has just posted an interesting blog comment from a parent at our school about technology and kids and how to find the balance. I know she would love you to read and comment on it. She has just started her blogging journey!

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