1. michael paay

    Great stuff. Am now just learning about all the potential of PBL and how it's becoming even more relevant with the readily available technology that is at student's fingertips.

  2. Dennis Kuchta

    Great opportunity to demonstrate to staff what's mean bt 21st Century Literacies and how ourstudetsarready to take on learning that has meaning to them!

  3. Guest

    More like a 20th or 19th century kid; no organized activities, IPADS, lessons; just left to his own devices; kids need more downtime; less “Competency Wheel” analysis.

  4. Students get inspired by any rudimentary materials and tools we place before them. But those materials disappear by grade 5 or 6. It is no coincidence that engagement begins to wane as these materials are taken away. Imagine if we could add some measure of expertise, tools and materials other than just cardboard (which is a great medium) in our classrooms!

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