1. colleenkr

    My Principal (@fryed) shared Paul Bloom's video recently, 'The Origins of Pleasure'

    . A few of the thoughts and comments in your post reminded me of his appreciation for originality and what we may (or may not) value in reproductions or remakes. At the very least, it's interesting to compare the two.

  2. Lisa noble

    I, too, started out finding this annoying, particularly after our annual year-end lip-synch assembly, where it vied for most popular song, with "that's what makes you beautiful". When15,000 people packed my town's waterfront to hear her sing for free, I stayed away.

    but…. cookie monster, and Star Wars, and yes, the Roots and Jimmy Fallon have made me re-think it.

    Now, I'm looking forward to messing with my students' heads in the fall, by seeing whether we can play with this. where could my music students find the words to fit with a favorite song, to create their own parodies? How are the audio clip mash-ups different from something like the Gotye parody "the Star Wars that I used to know?" what are the best tools for playing with this? If we create these, how do we make them fair use? When we share them, how do we license them? so many threads to explore, and share.

  3. Erin Paynter

    Hi George. I just started reading "Creating Innovators" by Tony Wagner and he spoke to many young innovators, their parents, teachers, mentors and employers, and all of them speak to collaboration being one of the most significant catalysts when it comes to creativity and innovation. They cherished all the opportunities they had to learn from, work with and fail with others.ovators

  4. It just goes to show that all of us are smarter than one of us. Trying to outdo by creating a different take on this song is what drives innovation. This is what businesses are continually doing to out do other businesses. It makes products better for the consumer. Love the idea that innovation is fueled by sharing. You never know where your next great idea will come from. But I would say usually it is from hearing what someone else has done and then I tweak it to my style.

  5. hughtheteacher

    This post hit a chord with me. "If there is no sharing there is no learning." My 3 year-old proved your point. He sat down with me and read your post because he was excited by the innovation in it (& Cookie Monster). We were able to talk about sharing and how the songs were changed, so people can have fun and learn about sharing. It really is as simple as you talk about. Share your time and your experiences and you will learn and so will everyone else you come into contact with! Beautiful message that is spreading! #sherpapower 🙂

  6. saschmitz3

    Read this post about a month ago and it inspired me. Here's the "Call Me Maybe" parody video our leadership team and support staff made:

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