1. soulstrikers

    Ironic! I was just writing an online PD module on Blogging for Teachers and I was thinking, "Hmm…I should find some posts that encourage teachers to get out there and try it" to include.

    Ding! In my inbox- thanks! Is it OK with you if I include this? It is for the New Hampshire Digital Consortium "Institute in a Box". 🙂

  2. Lisa Dabbs

    Thanks for this, George. Simple idea with potential powerful outcomes. Will be sharing on an upcoming new teacher chat.

  3. This is just perfect George – especially for those that sometimes struggle with what to write (but feel the NEED to write!). Can't wait to see what people are reading/blogging about!

  4. Emily Williams

    Hi George,
    This is exactly the encouragement I
    needed to jump in!

  5. […] by George This post is one that I am doing to model the suggestion I made through the Summer Blogging Challenge that I posted recently.  I really believe that we need to model what we ask of others and I also […]

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