1. What's really frightening, Pal, is that (1). many school leaders don't even realize that these kinds of conversations are happening about their schools right now and (2). many school leaders don't really care what their "customers" think of them.

    The simple truth is that in an era of budget slashing, focusing on "customer care" just makes sense for schools, too. Want to get the next bond referendum passed? Start by being responsive and transparent.

    Honesty and openness are the new non-negotiables, man.

    Hate that I didn't get to ISTE. Would have loved to see you.

    Rock on,

  2. Don

    Great lesson for us all. I'm encouraging friends and family to post on Facebook and to Tweet the great service they receive as well as the bad. Maybe the "old establishments" will get the message that we are all connected instantly and will someday become the "smart" company. Thanks for the great article. I'm retweeting it!

  3. […] Recently, I wrote about United Airlines and its lack of response when dealing with my concerns about service. Its Twitter account seemingly is only about sharing information, not connecting with customers. The more savvy someone is with social media, the more frustrated the person will become with this approach, and if he or she has another option, the person will take it. Yet, someone such as Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi learned how to not only use Twitter but also to use it effectively to build his brand and win an election. […]

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