1. Derek Hatch

    This is an outstanding post…possibly one of your best! I was following the #sgm2012 hashtag last evening and I was wishing that I could have heard you in person. You certainly model the idea of shared learning by blogging your thoughts and sharing your presentations on-line. I love your message about creating environments where kids can be inspired to learn and grow. You are right, this only happens if their teachers, and school leaders are modeling learning. Teachers and administrators have to be able to "give up control" and let learners (kids and adults) make mistakes.
    Thanks for all the work that you do. You set a great example for all of us.

  2. RCaudill

    LOVE this quote: "A good educator can motivate a student. A great educator creates the environment where students can motivate themselves." So simple, but so rich.

  3. reeta

    dear George i want 2 talk 2 u regarding my daughter admission r u able 2 guide as i have less knowledge

  4. George, some good insights here. Interesting reflection on how you have struggled defining your role. You are SO much more than the 'tech guy' my friend!. Innovation is proceeded by Creativity. and Creativity is preceded by Imagination. You IMAGINE possibilities, you explore all the possibilities & provide a range of opportunities to those you lead to be CREATIVE (ideas, spaces etc) and as a result you drive INNOVATION. You are broker of ideas, a dreamer of possibilities and a facilitator of learning & leading for teachers & administrators in today's world. You are the pilot light igniting exciting opportunities, encouraging those you mentor to take risks and flaming their ideas into raging wildfires of innovation that can make real and lasting differences in the lives of the young souls entrusted to them. Lastly George you are a conduit – a conduit through which you generously share the many ideas & resources your extensive global network of educators and a conduit where you share your work with the rest of the world.

  5. Vanessa


    As leaders and educators struggle to meet the educational needs of today's learners one theme holds true. We must create an environment where all students can learn. More importantly, we must embrace and embed technology as part of instruction to assit our students with comprehending global concepts. Thanks for sharing your insigtful experiences.

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