1. Claudia Amendola

    This is great! There is a particular school in my board that I call my "basecamp" because I practically work there with all the time spent volunteering and supplying, I'm close with the teachers and I'm close with the principal. I'm going to share this link with ones who I think might take to your ideas with open arms! Thank you for sharing.

  2. The smartest thing we did was connect our school Facebook to the school Twitter account. Each update on Facebook automatically tweets. Huge timesaver. Thanks for the article.

  3. lhighfill

    Thanks for your great post. My tweeting 5th graders have had amazing success with their endeavors. We have found a ship drilling undersea volcanoes, an author found us as we tweeted our thinking about the book she wrote, and other students have started collaborating with us on projects that we have tweeted about. I believe the most beneficial piece to tweeting what we are doing in class has been the PR benefits. I started this because I was frustrated with others, outside of education, telling the world what was going on in my classroom, especially since it didn't reflect the truth. We want to expand our reach to help educate others outside of our school as to what 21st century learning looks like. We have gotten the attention of our city Mayor, the @itmshow, and even our state superintendent of schools. It's not that what we are doing is so spectacular, but its provides a fly on the wall perspective- told from the mouths of the kids. Follow us @highfillcrew to see what I mean!

  4. Mrs. Howell

    I plan on using twitter in my classroom next week. My class will be acting as the three branches of government and will make a "law." Since this will be a student run project that I oversee I will be able to tweet updates on the discussions and movement of the "law" from house,senate, to president, even as I challenge it all the way to the supreme court. I think it will be a fun way for parents to keep up with their child's education! I am so excited.

  5. Perfect timing! I'm presenting on Twitter as a teacher tomorrow. I'm focusing on using it for PD; this post is a great resource for those that also want to tweet in their classroom.

  6. jrnorwood

    Thanks for the information! I just created a Twitter account for my school (@BadgerSpringsMS) after I went through a parent engagement workshop. I love the ideas here and will add them to my own!

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  9. George, Have you ever posted on an overall system-wide structure for social media and how it all interacts for efficient, streamlined communication, apt protocols and best effect. That's something I'm wondering about as more and more people at all levels of the school system embrace social media as a communication tool.

  10. Kathleen Diver

    I feel so fortunate that our principal does almost all of these. She shares events, and classroom visits. She posts positive articles to read from resources. The school webpage has a twitter feed that is updated several times per day, maybe even more (slower in the summer). She retweets things that we send her as well.

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