1. learningatforsyth

    Thanks for the refocus, George. I had a conversation along those lines with a teacher just yesterday, someone who always gives her students her very best in every subject, every day. Some of her colleagues think she "works too hard", but people who understand the concept you've highlighted here know that it's hard work that brings true success. There aren't shortcuts. – Carol

  2. G'day George. While it is very true to say success derives from hard work, a balanced approach needs to be adopted. I love the motivational and focused attributes of the character in the vid and the message of success. Today it is a gorgeous day in Sydney. It is 930am and I have shared a lovely Cappacino and breakie with the family. But now, instead of spending the day with them I need to prepare 4 relief lessons as I am out on an excursion tomorrow, then write a senior school assessment as well as prepare lessons for Tuesday. I work hard; I am motivated; I want the best learning opportunities for my students. Unlike the sports star or financial advisor or entrepreneur, teachers may or may not see sucess. It is internal sucess true. Financially it is hard. Unlike a painter or plumber who receives cash money and can advance, teachers earn a set wage; no matter how hard we work. It is a moral choice to do our very best; true. However, today I wish I could relax and spend time with my 3 kids and husband. There is just too much to get thru that cannot be completed at during school hours- unless I use worksheets 🙂

  3. I agree with Jeanette. balance is very important to success. one of the lessons i learned from my fist divorce was working isn't everything. maybe it depends on how you define success. i was successful at work – but not in marriage.

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