1. lmdsuarez

    What a beautiful blog entry. When we feel that we are valued and can work in the area of our educational passion, then the learning sky's the limit. I'm so glad that your brother's daughter is doing better than last night.
    Have a wonderful Christmas,

  2. wferriter

    I hope Bea is okay, Pal.

    With a 2 year old beauty at home myself, I welled up a bit thinking of hospitals and IVs and kids.

    Thinking of y'all.

  3. Tina

    What an inspiring post George – you capture the moment. I hope that all is well with little Bea – very touching photo!

  4. mrgoldberg

    What a wonderful, inspiring and empathetic post. Thanks for sharing. I also hope all is well with Bea. And I love your last line — "People don’t want to be pushed, they want to be inspired." You've inspired me to share powerful stories more often in 2012 and beyond. Thanks.

  5. Lovely post George. and if there's anything that stuck out about your presentation 'style' – as with Alec – was that you love stories. I'm glad to see you post about it.

    As I mentioned in a farewell speech, "I may be going, but you travel with me now. You are now part of my story. " With everyone we connect with, we become part of each other's stories. Stories are so integral to our lives.

  6. Reading these comments it’s not hard to see the clash being acted out at an organizational level between older, suburban/exurban, club ride, conservative membership and younger, urban, transportational, progressive members . The former don’t seem to care for aggressive transportational cycling advocacy, and the latter (myself at least) could care less about club rides. Serotta vs Surly, car-toppers vs car-less. But for me, it was working. I joined CBC for the advocacy and support for Ride to School. Did it feel odd that I was the only one to ride my bike to the Ride Leader Training? A bit, but I felt like there was plenty of common ground with the others there. You don’t have to come on a Kidical Mass ride, and I can skip the STP. But we all want to be safe and accepted on the roads.

  7. just ask her “what do you do if someone you don’t know talks to you while mommy and daddy aren’t with you?” let her answer and just go off that i mean thats prob. the easiest way to start it

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