1. Thanks for the sharing the bullying video. I have passed it along to our school counselors as I think it could be a powerful tool for our gr.6-8 students. Thanks again for great posts!

    • Sherrie

      Yes, Thank you for sharing this, George. Video Responses to "What's Going On" from kids around the world, such as this one

      and this one

      and this one

      are powerful too.

      Negative comments that people made to Jonah's video are shocking.

  2. Dan

    These are some very thought provoking links. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely share these with my colleagues Dept Heads at my school.

  3. reflectinginspiration

    The You tube video was gut-wrenching. Thanks for posting it. I forwarded it on to our guidance counselors, but I think it is definitely worth sharing with a broader audience.

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