1. soulstrikers

    YES! This past week, George, I have been formalizing a proposal to replace a retiring position with a new one, one as a Curriculum Specialist who is the tie that binds for curriculum, integration, collaboration, toward the goal of bringing student learning current at the pace at which information is moving! This really added some food for thought for me regarding what I am suggesting in this proposal, so thank you. What are your thoughts on Technology Specialists, Media/Library Specialists, Curriculum Coordinators and the fine lines or overlapping purposes of these? We are a small school, 279 students K-8- high achieving, in the dark in many ways, with talented staff- yet no one to tie it all together. I want to work toward a remedy for this.

  2. George,
    Great post, on a very important topic. I, like you, have a mouthful of a title. "Chief Human Resource Officer" doesn't exactly role off the tongue. The alternative, "Chief Personal Officer" is perhaps a bit smoother. But, for me, having the word "human" in my title was important. I don't work with personnel, I work with humans, people, individuals. It reminds me that every relationship I have with our faculty in staff is personal… not personnel.

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