1. If anyone is looking to implement a BLE in a classroom, I put together some steps of guide teachers with a potential process. While I ran classes for an entire semester, I tried to write this one for the teacher who wanted to complete a project with a class (in an attempt to make the move a little more gradual). Any feedback on the sticking points would be apprecitated. My usablility tests (this was part of my grad work) showed that teachers would like samples so it people were open to sharing I would also update the site to include your examples.

    I would look forward to learning with and from interested teachers.

  2. kjehman

    Fantastic project and exactly what I was thinking about a few weeks ago with my own staff. If we want teachers to embrace blended instruction (which in my opinion is absolutely the way of the future) they have to experience it! Your point about the benefit of creating an archive of the work that is accesssible to others is excellent! As for PLCs, I've often felt they are limited by the narrow scope of knowledge within the group. The blended approach blows the back wall out of the staffroom and brings in so many other perspectives! Very interesting!

  3. doldham

    Awesome project and as a newbie to blogging and the like it is great to see how the concepts and ideas around an open network are actually applied. You are doing a great job George of having new and innovative ideas, but the most important part is the application and you are a great model for that.

  4. boadams1


    You may remember that @jgough and @boadams1 co-direct the PLC efforts at Westminster in Atlanta. For the past 5 years, we have taken an aggressive approach to re-structuring the middle school for job-embedded professional learning – 4 days a week and an hour a day for team time…58 of our 74 faculty currently working this way. Additionally, Jill and I co-facilitate a PLC of the PLC facilitators. We meet weekly on Thursday mornings. We publish our agendas here: http://plcfacilitators.wordpress.com/ We would love to see what others are doing.

    Thanks. [Miss you.]

  5. wferriter

    Hey Pal,

    First, thanks for the kind words on my PLC work. Anytime that something I do "looks right" to you, I'm jazzed.

    Second, what you've laid out here is nothing short of brilliant.

    I've argued for a long while that PLCs and PLNs shouldn't exist independently of one another and that if PLCs could be systematic about the work that they are doing in social spaces, their work would be simultaneously easier and more efficient.

    That's a tough sell in some schools simply because many teachers (and school leaders) are intimidated by BOTH collaborative learning AND social media spaces.

    It's an essential sell, though, isn't it?

    If we can polish our own learning practices—if we can embrace new tools and spaces for learning—-we are far more likely to introduce our students to those exact same practices.

    We talk a lot about the importance of transforming learning spaces for students, but we do very little to systematically transform learning spaces for adults.

    Maybe THAT'S the reason our world is changing while our schools remain the same.

    Enjoyed this. And continue to appreciate the opportunity to learn from you.

    Looking forward to reconnecting at Educon.

  6. Hi George,
    We are pioneering this with a cohort of teachers at District 102! Follow our journey on our blog http://d102.org/blogs/ttl/ where we are documenting our learning stories. We are tagging items in Delicious with d102ttl and using #d102ttl as our twitter hashtag. Transparency is key! Our work is also inspired by Ryan Bretag (see http://www.ryanbretag.com/blog/?p=2545), especially goals #4: "Amplify students and teachers by telling their stories" and #5: "Share the stage with the expertise within our school and beyond our school."

  7. Al Lowrie

    I have been asked to explain what it is that I do in my school that creates a climate of trust and high functioning collaborative culture. I am now trying to grasp how to take all the information I have within my walls at Hardisty and get it out to those leaders who wish to be change agents, leading their schools instead of managing. We need both but we need leaders most of all. I would look forward to meeting you personally in the next few weeks if this is possible.

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