1. Great point on sharing resources with teachers from Twitter in a way that won't overload them and turn them off before they have a chance to look into it themselves.

  2. I could be one of those administrators who send articles as I find them. I like the suggestion about sending only the best articles once a week. You are SO right about email overload. Thanks for the refocus!

  3. George, I think that you make an interesting point here. I've never gotten into social bookmarking. I have an account, but that's where it ends. I'm the one that has thousands of "Favourites," and I'm not exaggerating.:) Sharing the way that you do on Diigo is fantastic, and makes a lot of sense, but I don't know if I'm at that point yet. I haven't quite gotten into the groove, no matter how hard I've tried!

    Sometimes my concern with picking or choosing what to share is that we never know what will make the biggest impact for others. I'm definitely guilty of being one of those people that constantly emails links to the staff. We have an area on our email system called, "Memos From All Staff," which many feel should be renamed to "Aviva's Links.":) That being said, there has been some benefit to sharing constantly. Some people don't read all of the links, and some just skim the emails and choose what they want to look at, but people are looking. They're starting to blog, they're starting to tweet, they're trying new websites, and they're attempting to make changes. I think this is important!

    So I guess that I'll still be the one that emails regularly (people almost expect it from me, and with our email system, they can't delete my messages either — another bonus … LOL), but I will think about grouping some of the links or deciding which people to share what with. Thanks for getting me thinking!


  4. I have used Diigo in the past, but never in that manner, so thank you for the new idea. Information overload is certainly one of the dangers of Twitter, and indeed, the internet. I am trying to get educators in my area excited about Twitter and "information overload" is one of the reasons some are reluctant to join. Thanks for the suggestion for one item per week! That's both manageable and practical!

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