1. Hatcherelli

    Thanks for a great post. You have done a fantastic job of explaining what it means to learn and also the role of the educator in the learning process.
    Funny…I read those two books this summer, as well. I like how you have applied the ideas in the books to actual practice.
    Always love residing your stuff, George!

  2. Hatcherelli

    Sorry for the typo. It was supposed to say "I always enjoy reading your stuff". Can I blame my iPad?

    Summer is winding down…back to school tomorrow.

  3. Tony Keefer

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. I struggle with the whole content vs process dilemma way too much. I have always considered the process to be more important, but your ideas challenged my thinking a little this morning. I love that. Also, your last line is so important to understand.

  4. SPatras


    Another great post! Thanks for this. I agree with much of what you have shared and would only add that in my conversations with colleagues, we often look at the content as the "vehicle" to teach the processes.

  5. carol robb

    Again, impressive writing. When is your book being published? Especially like the nurse and the needle sentence. My principal and I have chatted before about doctors and teachers and how we wouldn't let a doctor cut us open if they didn't know what they were doing! My principal would love this blog post. Thanks for finding the time to write.

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