1. I completely agree. As a tech teacher and soon to be administrator, I think it is extremely important for new and experienced teachers to have a positive digital footprint. Part of the problem though is that not all teachers know how to manage their footprint. I expect in the future that livebinders displaying a candidates work, along with web pages, wiki's and blogs will replace paper resumes and also provide a better picture of the prospective teacher.

  2. Hey George,

    Great bit—and as a guy who has generated a TON of opportunities after people discovered my online thinking and writing, I couldn't agree more.

    My online space HAS branded me—-and that branding has made me marketable—and that marketability has made it possible for me to make enough money outside of the classroom that I can stay inside the classroom.

    It's definitely worth thinking about for new teachers—and I'm glad you're writing about it.

    Rock right on,

  3. George, thanks for a freest blog piece. I agree with Bill iterms of marketability. I am a private educational consultant and have beenow for 8 years full-time. I have never had a problem with this aspect before, but the world is changing so fast that I find that the was no other way for me to continue to function without the digital footprint that gave educators a better insight into who I am and what I believe in. It is hard work though and because of that I know that many of my colleagues of my age bracket just do not think it is worth it. I challenge them on this point. Since putting my toes into the water I ahem grown so much through my new PLN and by challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone and be a learner in a totally foreign place. So. For the new educator is say, DO IT, do not wait, do it now, grow.
    Thanks again George, you are a grate example for us all. (. Am on the iPad and cannot scroll down to check this, so I hope I have not littered it with unintelligible self corrects and typos! Sorry)

  4. Hi. As a new teacher, I began blogging toward the end of my first year of teaching. I've worked as a relief/substitute teacher for most of the past 2.5 years, and blogging has been a powerful avenue for my reflection and growth as an educator.

    I don't think I could have blogged much in those first hectic 6 months – I was too tired, stressed, and disillusioned (common emotions for new teachers starting out), but I'm glad I began blogging when I did, because it has helped my grow and learn at a much faster pace than most other new teachers. It's opened up a whole new world of opportunities – #rscon3, and my involvement in the #globalclassroom project (http://globalclassroom2011.wikispaces.com).

    Blogging is incredibly valuable for new teachers, both personally and professionally. I'd highly recommend it.


    Perth, Western Australia http://areliefteachersjourney.blogspot.com

  5. SPatras

    George, another thought provoking post. I agree that a digital portfolio is a great opportunity for educators whether they're job hunting or not. As you know, I am just beginning my journey into the vast world of technology and how it can support my professional growth and practice. I believe that blogging may provide new teachers with a forum to not only reflect on their professional practice, but also one where colleagues throughout the world can support them and see their growth. You should encourage new teachers to consider blogging in some form.

  6. […] Brand You – “Branding” is something that many educators are looking at not only as schools, but as individuals as well.  Educators need to understand that we have a digital footprint whether we help create it or not so it is important to try and put our work out there.  This is not only to make ourselves marketable, but also to help our fellow educators.  Sharing is something that we teach even before kindergarten and social media helps us continue this practice easily as adults. […]

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