1. alford300

    I love the picture! I think that should be our mantra. I am convinced that when kids are engaged they learn more and they retain the concepts when we make them create, express and even teach to others. I also believe if you are in education and you do not love what you do it is time to find another career. Students deserve to have teachers that are passionate about learning and doing whatever they can for their students.
    Great post, and thanks for the mention and the idea of Identity Day…I got it from you:)

  2. Kristen Beck

    At the end of this school year, our grades were due over a week before the last day of school. I was so frustrated with the constant complaints by the teachers about what were they supposed to do with the kids the last few days of school without being able to "hold" grades over their heads. I have been following you on twitter since February when I signed up and I loved your "Identity Day".

    So, I decided that my end of the year project after turning in grades would be an identity day project that the students would turn in the day before the last day of school. So, instead of having an awards assembly like the other academies at my middle school, we had identity day with our 70 students. It was the greatest end of the year I have experienced. The students did their projects on the computer using whatever program they choose… prezi, glogster, powerpoint, you tube, etc…

    35 students pulled up their projects and the other 35 circulated and checked out the projects. After 40 minutes we switched. It was one of those moments that as an educator you want to replicate every day of the school year. I had 100% of the students complete the project and the smiles and conversations and mutual admiration that was in the room was incredible.

    I'll share some of the projects with you in the next couple of days.
    Thank you for teaching me EVERYDAY!!

  3. One of the reasons these learning environments and activities are still a rarity in our schools is because it is not being modeled. For instance, superintendents that don't feel a high degree of autonomy, mastery, and purpose, are not passing down that ethos to principals who are then leading their stance down that road. Google's vision for its people is so clear that even members of the general public like you and I know about it! Isn't that amazing?

  4. Autumn Laidler

    I really enjoyed this post. I had the same feelings when I implemented "innovation day" as Kelly, no behavior problems, smiles and LEARNING…A while back I was at a math training and one person brought up the idea that we were giving the students too many algorithms for one type of problem, the response from the Everyday Math writer was, kids are very flexible it is the adults that tend to have problems, kids tend to try them all then pick what they like best to solve. I see this with "outside the box" ideas too, kids pick it up right away and run with it, its the adults who resist something different.

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