1. Hi George!

    Great post! I hope you are enjoying The Leader in Me book.

    Giving people (students, staff, parents) trust before they earn it comes back to being able to let go of control. Having trust and faith that students are capable of…setting goals, owning their learning, collaborating, etc.,etc. is letting them have control. This can be challenging in a setting where we traditonally value having control over the learning.

  2. […] How often do we give our students this opportunity in the classroom?  How often do we push our students to lead and make a difference but not give them the space to make it happen?  I asked the students how many have them felt that they were referred to as “just kids” and several hands (along with visibly bothered looks) raised immediately.  I believe the more we trust in our students, the more likely they are too succeed. […]

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