1. darcymullin

    George, great post. I think we are just beginning to understand the benefits of our digital footprints. We have the opportunities to reflect and chart our growth over time in a ways we have never been able. Blogging, social media etc. is an online encyclopedia of our learning, with a few clicks we can trace the history of our thinking and learning. Powerful indeed!

    I like looking at learning in rays or trajectories as well. Once kids start moving and feel the energy and power of learning, they can get on an unstoppable trajectory. I sometimes worry about those kids whose trajectories are flat or inverted. How do we break that cycle and empower them with tools so they see themselves as learners?

  2. I like the idea of the learning 'ray' that continues on forever. It makes me think about light imagery, and a beam of light shining on and on…

    I'm wondering if you're familiar with Kieran Egan's Learning in Depth project. It started in BC in 2008 and is spreading around the world. Students work, year after year, on an inquiry project with a specific topic and, with time, experience deep learning and mastery of that topic. We're doing a mini version in the Connected Classrooms and the kids love it. Google it, or let me know if you'd like the link for the book or website. It might offer some answers for your questions 🙂

  3. jessie

    Wow, thanks for the post. The idea of curriculum following students from grade to grade is something that I have been thinking a lot about. Visualizing learning as a ray rather than a line segment is a great way to describe the concept.

  4. What a cool video. I wish my kids were just arriving so I could do something similar… okay, no, I actually like that my kids are grown up 🙂 But it is amazing what possibilities there are for parents, teachers, and kids/students to chronicle their life, their learning. I just wrote about a small team of early learning teachers going through the hard work of figuring this out for Kindergarten then up to grade 3 students. It's exciting to see new ways of documenting and sharing life and learning! I'd love to hear about your thoughts on your portfolio project. Do you think it was successful? What is missing that you hope grows in the future? Advice for others?

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