1. Lesley Cameron

    What a great morning of collaboration, discussion, reflection, and generation of ideas! I enjoyed the format of the morning (as this was my first Ed. Planning Day in this way) and seeing all staff and many parents come together. Let's continue to dream… love that term "swimming pool ideas"! Thanks for your great leadership, George!

  2. Dwight Carter


    What an excellent idea to engage all stakeholders in the reflection and planning process. How do you go about doing that? Do you meet with an advisory board of parents/students or do you meet with everyone to have an open discussion? I'm really curious because I primarily have one way communication and am desparately looking for ways to gather feedback from our parents and a larger percentage of our students. Any advice is appreciated!

    Also, congratulations on your new role! It couldn't have happened to a more deserving and inspirational leader.

    Be Great,


    • georgecouros

      Thanks Dwight 🙂 Basically, we have to write an education plan every year and our school council chair goes over it with myself. Last year, I had all of our staff and several parents (chosen from a cross-section of programming, age of their students, etc.) work together on the document and share some of their ideas and what is working, what is not, and what we should do moving forward. The groups are mixed up to get people talking so they understand the needs of different programs and age groups in our school. As for students, I went around and talked to as many as I could last year and got their feedback. This year, I had teachers do a survey with them based on the same questions that they used. When I write the final document, all of this information will be taken in and used for us to move forward. Email me and I will send you whatever you like 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  3. Mike Phillips

    Ever think about a rolling three year plan.
    First year, one goal is worked on.
    Second year the established goal is embedded and a initiatial second goal is started.
    In the third year the work for the first goal reaches an end, the second goal is embedded, and a new third goal is started.
    From then on, you are always finishing up reaching one goal as you begin a new one.
    Allows for quicker innovation in a fast changing world. What do you think?

    • georgecouros

      Well in our plan, we actually go over each goal and see if there are things that need to be added or taken away. I really like your idea though 🙂

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