1. Oh. My. Word. Thanks. My biggest problem? I didn't realize I could go to http://kindle.amazon.com and see all my highlights and stuff- I've been trying to figure out a better way to look at them and write a post-whole-book thoughts than via the Mac or iPhone apps. Feeling a little sheepish about that- the site is really helpful. Your video is as well. Many thanks.

  2. My immediate thought here is for Special Ed kids. We have several students with technology provisions in my school who are using the Kindle app on their laptops for digital text. Often their biggest hurdle is that the text is not accessible enough for them to read, annotate, and repurpose for essays, etc. This is so simple. I'm definitely sharing this one – Thanks!

  3. Thanks for this – I had forgotten about the Evernote Web Clip add-on. Now what I need is to take this one step further – I want a clean list of the notes without the rest of the information because I am looking to build vocab lists from books. So I need a way to strip all the information out except for the actual highlight….which is the word. I guess that I need to look Larry's suggestion and see if I can work it out from the Applescript or add a script of my own. Always learning…..

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  5. That Kitchen Aid mixer was at the Top of my registry must haves, and sadly we didn’t get it! Our wedding was only 2 weeks ago, so I suppose there’s still time… But winning one would be just as spectacular The other top three items would have to be -an out door grill (check!) -Le Creuset cookware (none yet) and -A variety of fabulous cookbooks (check!) We are definitely foodies, so it is all about the kitchen.

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  7. I had the same goal. However, I wanted each note in kindle as a separate note in Evernote. I found a program online (Klippings, not to be confused with Klippings Kollector) that did almost everything I needed but had tons of bugs and needed some extra features. Fortunately, the code was open source so I was able to make some singificant upgrades and have packaged it into a Windows installer (OSX and Linux not yet available).

    You can read the thread here:


  8. Katrina L.

    Hello George,

    It is indeed a good thing to be able to integrate Kindle and Evernote or other platforms and apps as well. I would also like to share this new iOS app that will be released on November 2013. Snippefy (www.snippefy.com) is an app that will be able to export Kindle notes and highlights to Evernote, Dropbox and emails. Users will also be able to read and share their notes and highlights all in one place.

    I hope you and your readers can check it out and find it most useful.

    Thank you

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