1. Thanks for sharing. Even 2-3 years after the first lipdubs were created (mostly in schools and universities all over), they're still a pleasure to watch, exactly because of the sense of pride that each one displays. As you wrote: "This creates an extreme bond and sense of community within the school". I particularly liked their scenario of welcoming (big time, in this case) a new student to the school.

    These students are having a great time, one they will cherish always. Somewhere, some school admin and teachers have made it possible for this project to become real. They also are proud of their learning establishment.

    A few of my francophone Twitter colleagues and I were just in fact tweeting today about the role of passion, charisma and savoir-faire in learning. Emotions play a vital part in motivation, thus, better enabling (enables, not garantees) learning. Our reptilian brain is there for that. This asset can be used many original ways in learning environments, in order to generate interest and motivation towards the task/subject/project.

    BTW, here's another lipdub from down East, in Moncton NB. Notice at the end of the clip, the original signing artist (George Belliveau) is there on stage with them.


  2. George,

    Great post about a great video. Who knew that inspiration would come in the form of a Katy Perry song! 🙂 My first reaction to that video was, "Man, how did they pull that off…and I want to do it too!" Not only is it a great collaborative effort, but it something that will bond those kids together and they will remember for many years to come.



  3. Mary Beth

    This post came at exactly the right time! I just volunteered to take over March is Reading Month, and I was thinking what it's been missing in the past is a unifying activity or event. It totally has inspired me to work with my committee to create something memorable and brings the school community together.

  4. Wow George! This is amazing. I was actually just thinking about our Identity Day tonight because we'll be presenting about it at next week's Staff Meeting, and that's when I stumbled upon this blog post of yours. Now I feel even more energized about the Identity Day. I can't wait for all of the students to have this "special feeling" that the new student in this video had too. Thanks for inspiring our school to try an Identity Day of our own!


  5. Love the idea of breaking free from the pockets of excellence and instead giving each student/teacher/person in a school the opportunity to shine. What if instead of award ceremonies, we gave every student the chance to showcase their talent and passion in a way that brings the whole school together…much like your identity day does and much like this video showcases. That would truly be something to celebrate and remember! Who knows where those awards end up anyway?

  6. caroline

    awesome. reminds me of

    (I am sure you have seen this from Montreal) which was shown to me in a communication management workshop.

  7. skypingreadingtutor

    This video rocks!!! What a wonderful way to inspire kids to be who they are and to accept the things that are happening to them as amazing opportunities for everything to come.

  8. I showed this video at our teacher's convention in front of 1200 teachers and received great comments. I threw out a challenge for schools to do their own lip dubs to show at next year's convention. Already received responses. If anything lip dubs bring a school community together and shows pride. I am excited in seeing products by our Southern Alberta schools. Ross Glen teachers in Medicine Hat created a lip dub using "yackity yackity". It was great.

  9. blairpeterson

    Kind of makes our new student transition program look traditional and lifeless. Also makes me want to rethink our annual activities fair that we have for students to learn more about our clubs and activities. Thanks for sharing.

  10. nesticos

    So, as I am sitting here working on grad work for my ED leadership course and scouring your blog for your original post about Identity Day (which is so difficult to find because there are so many about it), I came across this. Of course, the visual tendency in me didn't read the post until after I watched the video, but I had much the same reaction as you. That. Was. Awesome. Thanks for sharing it, here.

    This is obviously a US high school and as I sit here, crunching data, pondering the future of our sad state of public education, I watch this and know in my heart that no test can measure this type of collaboration and community. THIS is what school is about. Now, onto to find that original post about Identity Day and whether or not there were any particular events at your school prior that led up to it.

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